November 17th is officially World Peace Day, and this might make beauty pageant contestants very happy, but a question springs to mind: Why should this celebration be devoted to only one day out of the entire year? 

Everyday should be a day to work out our differences, and come closer together as human beings. With the increasing globalization and communication between people in different countries, it is now more than ever- extremely important to work towards global peace. The concept can be overwhelming to think about, and you might have no idea on how “World Peace” actually begins.

world peaceHowever, a simple idea is to remember that with the holiday season right around the corner, it is that time of the year when we are brought together with our family. Sometimes peace should first start within ourselves and our families. You might be thinking that it won’t be as easy a task if your family is on the other side of the country, or even the world, but don’t fret, technology is here to save the day. Connectivity throughout the globe is  available to be used, and one of the uses can be to inspire ourselves to create that peace in our surroundings. Browse the web, check out some random acts of kindness performed around the world. Some YouTube channels devote themselves to good actions, traffic cameras that record the good in the world, and you will soon see that the world is full of people creating a better environment around themselves. 

You might still feel overwhelmed by technology which is constantly changing, but here are some solutions that will help you keep on top of the changes and not feel overwhelmed:

  • Facebook notifications overload.
    A hundred daily invites to play Farmville, Candy Crush, and other Facebook games can make you miss out on some of the more important things on Facebook, like connecting with people. Change your notification setting in your Facebook account to avoid an excess of unwanted requests.
  • Distracting devices.
    What is more frustrating than trying to make conversation with a person glued to their mobile device? Not much. So, every once in a while take a breather and detach yourself from the devices and plan offline times to work on real-life human interactions.
  • Too much data.
    Too much information on too many topics? It is important to accept the fact that it will be impossible to keep up with all the innovations, news, and your social media feeds. Choose your sources wisely, budget the amount of time you want to spend on each technology source, and when you feel it becoming overwhelming, take a break or move on to something else.

The previous are only a few ways that will help you learn how to cope and use technology to connect with others without feeling overcome by it. 

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