In February of this year, Insurance Journal published an article on 2013’s Oklahoma tornadoes and the high insurance payout that the natural disasters caused. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), this disaster resulted in an almost $2 billion dollar climb in insurance claims.  Oklahoma is now the most expensive state for natural disasters insurance payouts. The second highest paying disaster-related insurance compensation is our very own state of Texas with a $1.5 billion tab in 2013.

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flooding are only some of the natural disasters than can affect hurricane-prone states such as Texas and Oklahoma. 

But what does this mean for my business?

More businesses are wisely backing up their data in a physical location such as a data center including increased security from both natural and human hazards. With the risk of disasterous potential with any natural disaster, low-risk data centers are becoming a high priority for these locations. Low risk locations, such as El Paso, Texas is an ideal place to safeguard your information from natural disasters. 

 data center


If you are looking to secure your business or organizations sensitive data, then keep in mind the risk involved when choosing a natural disaster prone area for your data center location.

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