The Cloud. What is it? What does it do? Why do I need it? These are all questions that businesses have been asking themselves recently. Businesses all over the world have adopted The Cloud and its ability to help increase efficiency and reduce costs. If The Cloud is the next step in business technology, maybe its time to start getting your questions about it answered.

What is The Cloud?cloud wifi

Despite its mysterious sounding name, The Cloud is actually a fairly simple concept: a method for storing and sharing information over the Internet instead of doing it from the hard drive of a desktop computer. People have been doing this for longer than you think. Email servers, such as Gmail and Yahoo, have been using The Cloud for almost 20 years. Email allows users to share their pictures, music, and documents with people anywhere in the world by sending the information through remote servers and allowing users to access that information through the Internet. However, email comes with a few limitations. For example, there is usually a 10 Mb data limit. This means having to send multiple emails with all the files you want to send. Now, with Cloud-based data center’s popularity increasing, it is possible to simply upload your files directly to an online database, such as Dropbox, and share them with your friends. Plus, it allows you to access those files from anywhere with an Internet connection and view them on any type of device.

What Else Can it Do?

cloud data centerOf course, this doesn’t mean that The Cloud is only limited to sharing pictures with your friends. The Cloud provides businesses with state-of-the-art technology that can increase efficiency and reduce costs by allowing you to store your data at a remote data center instead of on a hard drive at your location. Data centers are more secure and reliable and free you from the worry of updating and maintaining your data on your own. One example of a company utilizing The Cloud this way is the video streaming website, Netflix, whose huge surge in popularity caused the company to quickly outgrow their data centers. By switching to The Cloud and storing their data remotely, the company has been able to continue its growth without having to build and upgrade their own data centers.

The Cloud is not just for telecomm companies. In the medical field, The Cloud is providing facilities and researchers with the ability to run tests faster by doing the computing online instead of on their hard drives. In an article written by Athima Chansanchai, she states that this leads to faster results and faster diagnoses, all without the use of supercomputers. The ability to process large amounts of data faster also allows retail companies, such as Etsy, to analyze their customer data and provide them with personalized recommendations of products.

What Can The Cloud Do for Me?

the cloudAfter reading about all the advantages of Cloud based systems, you may be asking yourself how The Cloud can help your organization. There are several answers to this question. The Cloud can help you cut expenses by allowing you to store your data in remote data centers and access it online instead of storing it on your computer’s hard drive.

With The Cloud, you will be able to analyze large amounts of data much faster and more efficiently than it would be possible using only your computer hard drive, an advantage that used to only be available to companies with huge computer systems and IT teams managing them. Sharing files and software has also been made much simpler on The Cloud and will allow you to access your files from anywhere so you can even work outside the office.

Today, our lives are playing out more and more online. Isn’t it time that our businesses start doing the same?

Tell us what you think. Are you already using The Cloud? How has The Cloud helped revolutionize your business?

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