How can slow Internet connection hurt my business?

Let me start out by saying that a slow online connection is costly.slow internet As overlooked as it may be nowadays, a good Internet connection can be a key factor in whether or not your business can keep up with online demands within its industry. Have you ever considered how much productivity a business looses when their Internet connection becomes slow? When your business’ internet is too slow to connect it can cause some or ALL of the following to occur:

  • You cannot send or recieve E-mails
  • You cannot load and view websites
  • Online shopping becomes unavailable
  • Online transactions do not go through properly
  • Office to office communication becomes unavailable
  • You can no longer provide online customer support
  • Social media marketing plans have to be put on hold
  • Teleconferencing becomes unavailable

Those are just some of the few applications that can become unavailable when you do not have the right Internet connection for your business needs. Identifying the reason behind the delay can be the first step towards achieving business success.

A slow Internet connection could be caused by any number of reasons:

Outdated service connection
If your business is still paying for a dial-up connection, then you are guaranteed to experience a much slower connection than any broadband service you can afford. Also, if you are using a modem then again, no mater how fast your computer is, the speed of the Internet will remain the same.
It is highly recommended that you upgrade your internet connection to a broadband service to ensure a much more reliable online experience.

Bandwidth Hogging Applications
Like many other things, one user can disrupt the network for all other users. Some applications require large amounts of data and can affect network operations for everyone. If you notice intermittent connection slowdowns for all network users, this might be the issue.

Complex sites
Depending on the websites your employees may be visiting or the downloads they’re receiving your Internet connection may appear to be slow. Sites comprised of text documents will load much faster than a website such as YouTube, which is composed of longer-loading movie files.

Heavy browsing
If you’re doing more than one thing while on the Internet you’ll notice browsing the Internet will become slower. For example, if at your workplace employees are downloading documents, movie files, teleconferencing, or managing transactions, then while the computer is managing that data all other browsing will be slower as a result.

High traffic time
The time of day or the particular day of the week can often affect the overall speed of your Internet service. When more people are online, servers and Internet connections can become overloaded, and cause delayed response. The slowest time is when the influx of customers flood your website for support.

Visitors on site
A server or web site can often only handle so many people at once. If hundreds, thousands, or millions of people are trying to visit the site at once that page will be much slower and in some cases pages may not even respond at all.

Unplanned network maintenance
Speed related issues happen when your Internet service provider or the host of the web site is performing maintenance on their network, computers, or network equipment without notifying the users.
With these identified you can take the appropriate steps to improve your Internet connection. Most of the time the simplest answer is increasing your bandwidth by switching to broadband for a smoother, faster connection.

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