Wi-Fi is an abbreviation of the phrase Wireless Fidelity, which basically means -wireless precision. Wi-Fi was the next step of advancing the use of the Internet from Ethernet.

WiFiIt should seem obvious why the whole world is making the change to Wi-Fi with the promise of no strings attached. However, there are other reasons why businesses are investing so much money in this wireless free technology.

Here are the seven main reasons motivating businesses to make the switch:

1. Security
Although it doesn’t make sense that Wi-Fi could provide better security, when you find a great provider who offers safe service, your Wi-Fi can be made quite secure and protected from outside intrusions.
2. Convenient
Rather than having to search for an Ethernet cable connected to a running server or phone line, Wi-Fi allows you to be anywhere within the wireless Server’s range to receive the Internet connection hassle free!
3. Mobility
Wi-Fi has made accessing the Internet mobile and has allowed the creation of sharing clouds to be possible. When a business is able to create a sharing cloud for their employees, it lets sharing and saving documents easier for all.
4. Accessible
Wi-Fi makes numerous devices access points. Meaning it allows a variety of devices to access the Internet, because you don’t need the certain plug-in anymore, people are no longer limited by an Ethernet cord. In businesses, smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular and businessmen are expecting free Wi-Fi to connect those devices.
5. Speed
Users can connect to the Internet quicker and easier with Wi-Fi rather than finding the cord to plug in. There are a variety of bandwidth speeds that can be purchased for Internet connection through Wi-Fi. Once the best choice is made to fit a company’s needs, which Huntleigh Technology can easily help discover for businesses, the connection can bring speed to the company.
6. No Wiring
Wi-Fi is great for businesses in odd locations or places lacking the wiring setup for an Ethernet connection. Now conference rooms, hallways, cubicles, and whatever else a company has to work with are easily covered with Internet because of Wi-Fi.
7. Pull-in
In the world of business change is inevitable and companies are constantly adjusting to it to strengthen their sustainability and profitability. With Wi-Fi being so popular, businesses that offer free Wi-Fi provide an attraction to pull in more paying customers.

So have you made the switch to Wi-Fi yet? At Huntleigh Technology we are prepared to help you cross over to the wireless side! We even offer a new service called Wi-Fi Gravity. It provides Wi-Fi to your company and all possible customers, and helps you pull in more sales! Wondering how it works? Call Huntleigh today to find out more!


Written by Ariel Campos.