Wi-Fi Gravity

WifigravityThe retail store of the future will deliver a seamless and personalized consumer experience with omnichannel retailing to gain and sustain a competitive advantage and drive higher sales. Two technologies are poised  to play a key role in this transition: Social media and Wi-Fi, the two de-facto modes of communication of this mobile age.

Going beyond just providing Wi-Fi for in-store applications and guest access, Wi-Fi Gravity enables retailers to derive business intelligence from real-time and historical Wi-Fi analytics. Convert customers into loyal promoters via integration of social channels and customized Wi-Fi captive portals, and in turn, increase revenue and brand equity.

Huntleigh’s partner, AirTight Networks, combines these two technologies to deliver a complete Wi-Fi solution for retailers ready to move to the store of the future, today.


Wi-Fi Analytics for Business Intelligence

Retailers can leverage Wi-Fi Gravity’s analytics to gain insight into consumer behavior, and use the data to gain a better understanding of and to better engage with their customers.
The analytics engine provides real-time and historical information such as:

1. Quantity and types of Wi-Fi devices
2. Quantity of Wi-Fi connections
3. Store Stay time
4. In-store Wi-Fi activity
5. Empowering Guest Wi-Fi with Social Media
6. Based on the business intelligence, retailers can integrate
7. Social media channels with Wi-Fi Gravity’s customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals to better engage with their customers and turn them into loyal promoters, encourage them to opt into marketing programs, for instance, via Facebook, connect and reach out to them via geo-marketing campaigns, or for example promote via coupons and special offers.
8. Wi-Fi Gravity’s Social Wi-Fi workflow


WI-FI GRAVITY can analyze customized trending data of your visitors to increase your revenue and improve your services.


How It Works

Step 1: Customize the Guest Wi-Fi captive portal with your brand and integrate your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. On connecting to the Guest SSID, users will see your branded captive portal.  They can then use the social channel of their choice to log in and enjoy the Guest Wi-Fi access.

Step 2: You can readily implement various social payment workflows with Wi-Fi Gravity. For instance:

  • Sign up your Guest Wi-Fi users as a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower
  • Let them additionally spread your custom message via social media
  • Let them share special offers with their friends and drive higher sales
  • Encourage them to give you more details using Facebook connect or other registration forums, and opt it in to your on-site and online marketing programs (e.g., email).

Step 3: Finally, your Guest Wi-Fi users can be redirected to your chosen webpage (E.g., your website) an online ordering portal, or a landing page with a special offer for your loyal promoters.