Huntleigh Technology Group has recently partnered with INTROSPECTIVE POWER, INC., which provides cloud-based M2M functionality—securely protected by IPi’s cybersecurity technologyto organizations seeking to improve the monitoring and managing of their remote, mission critical assets.

What makes the technology different?

Sensor data generated from the remote asset is continuously collected and encrypted on-site, using INTROSPECTIVE POWER’s patent pending technology–impenetrable to wireline intrusion–and sent securely to web servers for analysis. Based on breached predetermined conditions, or other exogenous “events” at the remote asset, the desired state change at the remote asset is invoked, autonomously using IPi’s algorithmic pattern recognition and complex event processing, based on previously established workflow and business rules—all driven by IPi’s patented M2M process.

How does this benefit my organization?

By significantly enhancing multivariate complex event processing in real time, with greater agility, requiring fewer resources, with enhanced predictable results.
Through improved system resiliency using multi-threaded redundancy and diversity.
By providing increased efficiencies, leading to reduced operating costs and overhead
Through offering overall increased system robustness through continuous fine-tuning

How does the technology work?

Through securely acquiring actionable, situational awareness of remote conditions, enabling organizations to dynamically and continuously interact with, and transform their remote assets in a constant, ongoing, and iterative manner. This is done—autonomously—by delivering immediate and decisive remediating actions to normalize and re-optimize the operational state at the remote asset.

Event processing transpires in milliseconds, in a highly secured end-to-end network—the result: no transmitted data, or targeted actions, are compromised in bi-directional transit. Millions of end points are monitored, managed, and optimized, all in real time—every event is logged, available for subsequent review and audit, with resulting capability for later deep-dive data analytics.

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