Network Security

Keeping your data safe, backed up, and protected can go a long way. This is why Huntleigh Technology offers superior network security solutions to ensure a protected network system that won’t compromise your organization’s productivity or your wallet. Our solutions integrate software, hardware, and services to dispatch security, not only to your network, but also for your users and data. Whether your organization is a small business or a large enterprise, our network security solutions are able to scale to extend to your growing needs. Huntleigh Technology has partnered with SonicWALL and Airtight, to provide you with cutting edge network security solutions proven to be essential for any type of business regardless of their size and specific needs.

Huntleigh’s network security services include:
Services for network firewalls
UTMs (unified threat Management)
VPN’s (Virtual Private Network)
Backup and recovery
Anti-spam for email
Solutions surrounding HIPPA (Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Solutions for PCI compliance issues


A leader in network security, data protection, and provides secure remote access­–a secure network from intrusion. With SonicWALL you network can be compliant and efficient, so that all of your business transactions and confidential information will remain safe and backed-up. SonicWALL offers a real time and user managed backup and restore system that backs-up data off-site and restores it, avoiding a data outage and delayed business production.

Using a VPN can increase your organization’s network security. A VPN uses connections routed through the Internet from your business’ private network to connect to a remote site, or other location. As a result, a VPN ensures security and anyone intercepting the encrypted data can’t read it.