TideaPBXhe foundational element for successful business communication networks is a reliable and efficient phone system.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses an Internet connection to make phone calls, by transforming voice activity into formatted digital data, subsequently sending and receiving collected data through an Internet connection. Voice, data networks, and video conferencing are only some of the connections that VoIP systems merge into one seamless network with features that enhance productivity for your organization and its members.

VoIP systems are able to provide these multiple connections with many additional feature-rich services that allow businesses to automate processes becoming more efficient–at no extra or hidden cost!

Managed PBX vs. Hosted PBX

A Managed PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system has a VoIP server on the premises. 

There is more flexibility and connection reliability with a Managed on premise PBX than a Hosted PBX. The number of outgoing/incoming (concurrent) lines used for intra-company calling in a Managed PBX system are zero versus consuming significant Internet bandwidth with a Managed PBX to make and receive concurrent intra-premise calling In turn, using outside lines to make calls means more bandwidth consumed leaving less bandwidth for other uses. 

There is a minimum of 4 lines required in order to make Managed PBX a cost-effective service.

A VoIP option for smaller business that requires less than 4 phone lines is an off-premise, or Hosted PBX system. In a Hosted PBX, the quality of service highly depends on the type and quantity of Internet Service that your SOHO business is running on, since the phone system will transfer data to and back from where your service is being hosted.

Not Sure what VoIP System fits your needs?
Let Huntleigh’s experience help you

Call us for a free consultation to provide you with the right and necessary foundation for a VoIP system that fits your needs. Otherwise, we will help you achieve a level of dependability and connectivity that will allow you to make use of our Managed PBX VoIP system without having your network crash. We commit to understanding your business and will set up the system for you, making it a flexible and scalable, in which lines can be added without having to anticipate company growth in the initial installation.

With Huntleigh’s all-inclusive VoIP offering, you have more than 60 features included for FREE. With a Hosted PBX, you could pay $3.00-$5.00 per feature per month, or a “bundle of services” for $10.00-$30.00 per month. Hosted PBX providers will not necessarily list these additional feature charges for you upfront—however, you will discover them on your first or a subsequent invoice.

Here are some features that can be used in a Huntleigh Managed PBX VoIP system

Find Me – Follow Me Call Routing
Call Forwarding
Call waiting
Transfer Call directly to voicemail
Listen-In/Coach conversations
Voicemail to Email MP3
Auto attendant
IP Phone MP3-on-Hold
Do not disturb

Download the VoIP Feature Quicklist

Huntleigh Technology Group’s VoIP phone equipment list:

Polycom Polycom Conference Phones Grandstream Panasonic
IP331 IP4000 GXP2130 Wireless Handset
IP450 IP6000 GXV3140 v2 (Skype)
IP550 IP8000 GXP2200
IP650 GXP2130
IP670 (Color Display) GXP2200 EXT  

We are continuously updating our product list, contact a representative and ask about our newest equipment.

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