Multi-Site Connectivity

Whether you have a small business or a larger enterprise, the potential for growth is there. And with that potential for expansion come different challenges, such interconnectivity within your different business locations. At the same time, it is vital to seamlessly expand the network to accommodate new sites and/or users while avoiding any disruptions in your services and organization’s operations.

Huntleigh Technology Group’s Multi-Site Connectivity allows your business to exchange VoIP, data, and video, between your sites, wherever they are located. Multi-Site connectivity also allows for the interconnectivity of several LANs even when geographically separated. Keep your neighboring offices connected, as well as your offices across the country so your organization can work efficiently and reliably wherever they are based. Whether you need a WAN (Wide Area Network), or a simple VPN access for your employees, Huntleigh’s multi-site connectivity is a reliable, scalable, cost and operationally effective solution for your organization’s connectivity.

To learn how you can connect all your business sites together in a cost effective manner, contact us to get a quote, or schedule a call.