Internet for your organization

Huntleigh’s high-speed Internet packages are designed for each business. Be it an SME with growth capabilities or a large enterprise. Connectivity in your organization will boost your business productivity at the right price for your budget. Huntleigh can offer you a specifically designed package that will allow your business to utilize your connection to the maximum of its capabilities and applications, for your business to stay ahead of the competition.

With Huntleigh’s high-speed Internet your business will be able to download large files, search the web, communicate with your associates and partners, and more. Contact us to speak with one of our professionals to get your business the customized Internet solution it needs!

Huntleigh Technology Group’s ISP offers a list of services that include:

Fiber-Optic High Speed Internet
Point to point networks
Branch office connectivity
Network security
Managed firewall services
Telephone service
Office phone systems
Branch office services
Ethernet connections and/or WI-FI

Huntleigh’s network is monitored 24/7 to ensure reliability, so you can run your business with confidence.