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A good Internet service provider should not be seen as an expense, but as an investment for your business. Being without Internet can be frustrating, as well as negatively impacting your company’s bottom line. By keeping a high morale and working with the best tools and services, your employees will maintain productivity and efficiency in the light-speed arena of today’s marketplace. This is why the growth of your business relies on dependable Internet Service. Huntleigh gives you that and more, with connections to every major Internet backbone provider in El Paso. We are in a unique position to draw from all available service options for your location, not just one company’s offerings.

Huntleigh Technology

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With more bandwidth solutions than anyone else, Huntleigh can provide a secure, reliable, high speed Internet connection with a scalable ethernet infrastructure and solution for your business’ needs. Big companies and their “big” savings can become costly in the long run. For Huntleigh, being locally owned means that your success is our success. That is why we provide personalized solutions as well as fast and courteous customer support, something that big companies cannot guarantee.

*The location receiving services needs to be pre-qualified to determine service level availability.

Contact us for a FREE consultation with a Huntleigh Technology Expert. Huntleigh will meet you at your business, discuss available service options, find the right Internet solution to meet your needs and budget. Together we can determine how you can save money on your monthly communications expenses, obtain more bandwidth, and improve your organization’s productivity. We can help you drive new revenue by getting more work done faster and efficiently!