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We understand that running a successful business comes with many challenges and implications. You shouldn’t have to spend time dealing with customer service, or trying to figure out your equipment. Instead, that time and energy should be focused on dealing with your everyday business tasks and taking care of your customers, not your technology issues. We’ll take care of those issues for you.


Technology equipment is more than a commodity; it is an investment to help you get things done, smoothly, quickly, and fast. We want to be your partners and help you pick the best equipment, service, and the best solution that best fits your business. When you compare our options, you’ll realize that there are no hidden costs or teaser rates–we have your best interest in mind. No other company in town is able to provide as many service sources and delivery options. Each company sells only their services, while Huntleigh is able to mix and match to provide you with the best solution available. Huntleigh provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of a customer—including, and not limited to, hardware (firewalls, PBXs, etc.), software (VPNs, data backup, etc.), and services (broadband Internet, voice, etc.). As a result we have in depth knowledge of the equipment and services that our customers own and use. Huntleigh gives you all the details up frontno hidden fees, no surprises!

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