Network redundancy is defined as a process through which additional or alternate instances of network devices, equipment and communication mediums are installed within network infrastructure. In other words, it’s a fail-safe for any online business that needs to be connected to their customers at all times.

If your business is connected to the web in any way, network redundancies reduce the risk of unforeseen network downtime, which can cost your business time, money, and customers. Businesses can experience significant financial loss for every hour they are not connected to their customers online.

If a hotel relies on online reservations, every minute they are without connectivity means real money lost, as well as the potential for customers to avoid their site in the future. Disgruntled customers will book through another hotel and establish brand loyalty with someone else. The hotel itself loses precious time dealing with network problems, and employee productivity is impacted in order to fix the issue. The more time spent offline, the more the issues are compounded.

cost_of_downtime estimates that $26.5 billion in revenue is lost per year due to IT outages, which translates to roughly $150,000 annually for each business that is affected. Redundancies can help reduce the potential for network downtime, ensuring that customers and clients have access to your products and services. Furthermore, clients and customers are less likely to return to your website if they’ve had a negative first experience, such as downtime or no network connectivity.

By implementing redundancy systems, businesses can spend time managing their customers, clients, and employees, rather than worrying about provider-side downtime or routine maintenance that might affect connectivity. Contact Huntleigh Technology Group today to find out how we can provide redundancies for your business.