There is a proliferate amount of people who are opting to store their data in ‘the cloud.’ This basically means that the location of their data is not in their desktop computer, mobile phone, or external hard-drive, but instead is stored in one or more data centers across the globe. This migration to the cloud even includes the use of online server network solutions. 

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Before the popularity of cloud storage and networks, small companies chose to have a Peer-to-Peer based network to conduct business. These types of networks had limited security capabilities, and it could become problematic to store, access, and collaborate on documents, slowing down workplace efficiency. The alternative to these networks is Server based networks. These larger networks contain one central computer or server. Each separate computer connects to the server and can access the shared information in that network. The server also manages security, and back-up is easier from the server, compared to backing up each individual computer in the Peer-to-Peer architecture.

In the past, small companies did not have many options for network backup since the cost of having and maintaining a sever could easily become expensive. However, thanks to the increasing online storage services, having a central-cloud-based-network has become an affordable solution, thus rendering peer-to-peer networks basically obsolete. 

In addition, local server based networks have also become more common due to availability and affordability. However, it is important to remember that servers wear out over time, even more quickly if not maintained correctly.

Why back-up against server data loss?

NaturalDisasterHazardsDisgruntled employees, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes… these are only some of the reasons why you should back-up to protect from experiencing data loss. You may have a local server in your business that contains all your data, but how safe is it to have all your information in one room which may be accessible to anyone who accesses your business. This is why local data centers are a safe back-up solution for you business. With detailed security, fire, and water safety measures, and energy backup systems, local data centers are reliable storage facilities for your data. 

Data centers also represent a tangible back-up of your data. This means, that at any time, even if there’s a connectivity loss in your business, you can access the files by visiting the data center. Even if there’s a power outage, data centers are equipped to provide the files that you need to recover from storage in order to keep running your business.

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