October marks the 10th Anniversary for the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The Department of Homeland Security has partnered once more with the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center to create awareness in the both the private and public internet sectors. Huntleigh Technology Group joins these efforts in creating Cyber Security Awareness by providing services that help boost your Cyber Security.

Why do we need National Cyber Security Awareness?

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In 2004, due to the quick rise in the use of the internet, the Department of Homeland Security has celebrated during the month of October National Cyber Awareness Month to create consciousness about the many threats that may come from the web. Nowadays almost anyone with internet access is on the web daily in some way or another due to the versatility and easy to use applications. Using search engines, updating social media, and shopping online are only some of the many features the internet has to offer. However, these advantages also becomes attractive to hackers and scammers who pose a serious threat for businesses and the public in general.


How can YOU protect yourself and your business from daily Internet threats?

We all depend in someway or another on informations stored in our personal physical devices such as USBs, external hard-drives, etc. We often rely on information that is stored in a series of servers. Knowing that there is a back-up for vital information is very helpful, specially since there is only so much you can do when you are protecting yourself from online threats. However, there is an extra step that you can take to increase your business network security. For example, services like SonicWALL proved real time and user managed back-up and restore solutions. This means that there is some off-site data backing system that will kick-in and restore any information that might be lost in the event of a cyber attack. Business data loss disaster can be avoided.

What about threats that come from your own location? Threats can also come through connections made through the Wi-Fi service that you provide for your business. Whether it is only employee-accessible, or open to any guest who might visit your business or use in-location apps, your Wi-Fi could become a gateway for threats. Regardless of the danger that an open Wi-Fi connection might pose, internet availability is necessary to keep up with the fast paced world we live in. This is why Wi-Fi Gravity and other products like it have been created. They provide AES-encrypted tunnels that communicate your location with the Wi-Fi Gravity cloud. This means that there are multiple levels of physical and cyber security measure that can now protect your business from any incoming threats through your Wi-Fi. Plus, Wi-Fi Gravity also works with in-location application to give you a more accurate knowledge of how your customers are using your business network.

Want even more security measures? Then, you might want to try a VPN service for your business. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses a public network to connect either sites, or users together. The methods that VPNs use is a connection routed through the internet from your business own private and unique network to a remote site. This increases your security since anyone who hacks or intercepts the data being communicated, will not be able to read it because of its encryption.

Download Huntleigh Technology’s Basic Tips for Online Security Infographic Sheet.

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