Speed vs. Bandwidth

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Unfortunately, a vast majority of people are under the false impression that the Internet has varying degrees of speed; ranging from unbearably slow to ultra fast, “high-speed” internet connections. Marketing campaigns constantly promote “high-speed internet,” misinforming the average Internet user into believing there is a difference in Internet speed. The real differences in perceived internet speed […]

POP3 Is to ‘The Oregon Trail’ as IMAP Is to ‘Candy Crush’

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If you are still using the POP3 to retrieve email, then I have some bad news for you. You are 17 years behind its last revision. Which can feel like an eternity in the grand scope of technology.
POP (Post Office Protocol) was originally created in 1984 for the purpose of making it easier to […]

IPs: Static vs. Dynamic

An Internet protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to electronic devices that allows them to communicate with each other, even across the Internet. Devices range from mobile phones to desktop computers, servers, and more. So, when accessing a webpage from a mobile device, you are actually contacting a server […]

Megabits or Megabytes?

Most people are familiar with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and have an Internet connection for their home, office, or business. We often hear ISPs using the term “megs” when talking about the speed of their Internet connection. But what does that mean for you, the end user? Your ISP may have said something along these […]


Network redundancy is defined as a process through which additional or alternate instances of network devices, equipment and communication mediums are installed within network infrastructure. In other words, it’s a fail-safe for any online business that needs to be connected to their customers at all times.

If your business is connected to the web in […]

Connecting the World: Fiber Optic Cables

Today’s technology lets us call someone on the telephone or send an email to anyone with an email address and Internet connection, instantly. People’s lives are more connected than ever through the Internet and other technologies that make communication easier than it has ever been. But have you ever wondered what makes this possible?

Tied […]

Net Neutrality, Title II, and What it Means for All of Us

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By Adrian Ramirez and Luisana Duarte
After months of intense debates between Internet service providers and content providers, demonstrations, and over four million Americans participating in the Net Neutrality for ‘Open Internet’ discussion, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has passed a historic ruling regarding net neutrality.
The new ruling reclassifies Internet as a telecommunication service and […]

The Cloud: The Next Step in Business Technology


The Cloud. What is it? What does it do? Why do I need it? These are all questions that businesses have been asking themselves recently. Businesses all over the world have adopted The Cloud and its ability to help increase efficiency and reduce costs. If The Cloud is the next step in business technology, […]

eBooks: The Pros and Cons

The idea of electronic books, commonly known as eBooks has been around for almost 90 years. The concept of a device being able to contain large amounts of reading material (any bookworm’s fantasy) is thought to be conceived by Bob Brown during the 1930s.
However, it wasn’t until 2006 that eReaders began gaining popularity with […]

Turn Customer Service into Your Biggest Asset! Here’s Why.

You may be offering the cheapest prices on the block or have irresistible promotions, but if your clients aren’t happy with your service or your company, there is a slight probability your business won’t be around much longer. Customer service is the oxygen of every business: you need it to survive. The key to […]