video streamingDo you know one of those addictive series watchers who can endlessly stream and view series after series worth of episodes? They finish a whole series in less than a week and get an adrenaline rush going through as many other, new series as possible.

Video streaming has become the latest rage in our society today, and with the help of instant streamers like Netflix and Hulu, people are making the switch from cable and satellite to an online subscription account. Not only is it more convenient to stream videos but it’s also becoming increasingly cheaper to purchase a subscription rather than rent videos and have the chance racking up late fees.

Rumor has it that Netflix may soon raise their prices but allow existing members generous grandfathering of their existing prices. It’s common to expect some changes to occur especially when a new website service becomes as popular as Netflix has, however, their monthly subscription pricing has remained relatively low since the beginning.

Hulu on the other hand has experimented with their prices recently in order to lower their costs. Hulu’s instant videos are a different type of video, such as the latest missed aired TV shows rather than Netflix’s variety of shows and movies.

Amazon Prime is slowly joining the mix trying to find their own unique offer or niche among competing streaming sites.

Between all these choices of instant streaming which one would you prefer or recommend? Which one have you stuck with and why? We would love to hear your feedback and opinion!

Also, which one do you think gives the clearest “streaming”?

Sometimes that smoothness is not the provider or streamer but your Internet bandwidth. If you are experiencing a problem with your internet or have any questions then call Huntleigh Technology and talk to one of our expert technicians!

Written by Ariel Campos.