smart watches

Smartwatches are the latest technological craze, but will it last?

Samsung Corporation recently introduced a new line of products which no other competitor has targeted before, however this ingenuity is causing several other technology companies to rise up as a Samsung contender.

Samsung’s smartwatch is a new device that is essentially a touchscreen high tech watch. This watch is meant to go along with a phone and its service, but what can the watch really do for a person you ask?

Well, Samsung seems to think this watch brings much to the table but after numerous reviews, it is seen that the watch has a lot of potential with some unfilled gaps at the moment.

As of right now the watch does a great job of allowing the user to see incoming calls, social media interactions, the temperature and time, through a Bluetooth connection. Users can activate the device by raising ones hand, and can voice activate the device in order to add events to a calendar, and interact with some other apps. This phone is made to be recharged like a phone but was made to make the users life more “accessible.” Although how hard is it to grab your smartphone from your pocket these days? Nonetheless this watch does offer a hands-free feeling for easier access to your closest contacts via social media or phone list.

The watch contains some great features, however many new users would agree that it lacks the need-based qualities which would drive up a demand for the product. The new smart watches are sleek, comfortable, and stylish, but for only having a few attributes is it worth the high price?

Tell us what you think of this new tech product? Will it advance to draw in more customers or do you think it will die off?

Written by Ariel Campos.