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eBOOKS: The Pros and Cons


 The idea of electronic books, commonly known as eBooks has been around for almost 90 years. The concept of a device being able to contain large amounts of reading material (a.k.a. any bookworm’s fantasy) is thought to be conceived by Bob Brown in the 1930s.

Turn customer service into your biggest asset. Here's why.


Turn customer service into your biggest asset. Here's why.

You may be offering the cheapest prices on the block or have irresistible promotions, but if your clients aren’t happy with your service or your company, there is a slight probability your business won’t be around much longer. Customer service is the oxygen of every business: you need it to survive. The key to sustaining your organization is offering your clients great customer service. In other words, keep your clients happy. Customer service is about running and building a customer-centric organization, where you live and breath to keep your customers happy.  You are probably wondering why is customer service so important and critical to an organization. First-time customers can eventually evolve into your company’s most loyal and biggest brand promoters. All that you say and do, will influence the way they refer your organization to their colleagues. This means their positive or negative word of mouth referrals are critical and crucial to making or breaking prospective business opportunities for your organization.

Structured Cabling: the solid foundation for networks

Structured Cabling

What is structured cabling and how do you eat it?
If your business requires any type of network connectivity as most businesses do now, be it Wi-Fi access for customers, broadband access to another of your business locations, or you simply need access to the world wide web for any purpose: you should think about cabling and broadband. It is extremely important to have the correct cabling according to your network needs; this is where structured cabling comes in.

As a definition, structured cabling is the infrastructure or architecture that follows strict ANSI specifications in which cables are installed in a network. But as a business owner, that is a burden that you should not carry, instead you can hand the job over to companies who provide structured cabling turn-key services. This service ensures that your whole network from cables (phone, data) to broadband Internet access (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) is installed and done by the time that your business opens up.

Simplify Your Life Week, 5 Simple Steps to a Better You!


Simplify Your Life Week, 5 Simple Steps to a Better You!

In this day and age, society dwells in a fast-paced environment. It seems as if 24 hours to a day are not enough. We have so many things to do, so many places to go, and so many people to meet, that we can barely keep up. We’ve come to believe that we are super humans. We choose tasks that overcome our capabilities, and often miss opportunities because we are slightly overwhelmed by our daily routines. We loose sight of who we are and what we really need. We bur

VoIP: The Office Super Phone


Voice-over-Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, is a communication system that simultaneously delivers voice and multimedia communications over an internet connection.

5 benefits the internet of things will bring...soon.


5 benefits the internet of things will bring...soon.

Today, we tend to rely heavily on our smart devices and on the Internet to perform our daily tasks.  Automation and computing devices have become the foundation to our everyday productivity.  However these devices are not synchronized. For example, we don’t use our smartphone to make coffee each morning. We use one device for one thing, and a different device for another. But what if this would change soon and everything was interconnected allowing us to do multiple things faster by monitoring only one device?

The Importance of Low-Risk Data Centers

El Paso Data Center

In February this year Insurance Journal published an article on 2013’s Oklahoma’s tornadoes and the high insurance payout that the natural disasters caused. With an almost $2 billion in insurance claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.),  Oklahoma is know the most expensive state for natural disasters insurance payouts. The second highest paying disaster-caused insurance compensation claims state is Texas with a $1.5 billion tab in 2013. 

Are Smartwatches Going to Make It?


Are smartwatches going to make it in the advanced market today with consumers?

Samsung Corporation introduced a new line of products that no other competitor really has invested in before, but because of the event several other technology companies are rising to meet the new established need.

Bad news for the series killer?


Are you or do you know one of those addictive series killers that knock through episode after episode? They kill a whole series in less than a week and find an adrenaline rush in going through as many series as possible.

Video streaming has become the latest rage in our society today, and with the help of instant streamers like Netflix and Hulu, people are making the switch from cable and satellite to get an account. So not only is the convenience pulling people in but the prices of streaming tons of options monthly is cheaper!

Don’t loose your data: Back-up, back-up, back-up!

Data Backup

Everyday more and more people have been relocating their data to ‘the cloud.’ This basically means that the location of their data is not in their desktop computer, mobile phone, or external hard-drive, but instead is stored in a (or some) data centers across the globe. This migration to the cloud even includes the use of online server network solutions. 

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