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Welcome to Huntleigh Technology Group

Serving regional and national clients since 1990, celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2015.

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Fast, Affordable, Reliable

Metro Ethernet, Gig E, cable, and DSL: flexible bandwidth that meets your needs with easy-to-reach and quick-to-respond support.

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Infinite Possibilities

Endless opportunities brought forth: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Collect


Wi-Fi Gravity

Pull them in

Launch your Wi-Fi network: dual band access, Fort Knox security, PCI-HIPAA compliance, and Social Media intelligence.


Network Security

Thwart intruders

Lock 'em out! Get ahead of the network threat curve with your own reliable, virtual shield.

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Data Center

Don't store your data just anywhere

Diversify your offsite data storage in one of the safest USA metro areas, El Paso TX, in a hardened, enterprise-class data center.

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Video Conferencing

High Definition Telepresence

Transformative communications: High impact, low cost, mobile, easy to use...available everywhere.

Huntleigh Technology Group

In 1994, Huntleigh became the first Internet Service Provider in El Paso. Today, we continue to pioneer, bringing innovative telecommunications and Internet technology to the market, including broadband Internet, VoIP, network security, Wide Area Networking, Wi-Fi Social Media, and a regional data center.

We have more than a two-decade commitment to serving El Paso/West Texas, Las Cruces/Southern New Mexico, and Juarez/Northern Mexico businesses and organizations.

Being locally owned and operated has allowed us to focus exclusively on serving our customers--not out-of-town management.  This sets us apart from national providers.  Our representatives consult with you and together we build technology plans focused on your needs, your budget, and your vision for the future...we are not pushing the latest corporate quarterly promotion. 

With Huntleigh, you have the best  of all worlds: Huntleigh is directly connected to the three local telephone companies as well as the major national backbone providers.

This gives us buying power and flexibility. We shop for the best pricing and pass the savings along to our customers. This flexibility also gives us an edge to create tailor-made solutions that are specialized for each customer, not pushing off-the-shelf product sets.

These advantage are extended even further to Huntleigh's customers. By being directly connected to all of the local phone companies — beyond creating multiple options for our customers — it enables Huntleigh to provide redundancy and diversity to customers requiring the highest levels of network availability, which none of the local phone companies on their own will offer. However, Huntleigh can and will provide this service.

Any and all services are only as good as the service provider standing behind the services. Huntleigh has stood and delivered high performing network services for more than 20 years, under the harshest of circumstances, for all of our highly-valued customers.

We are a proven, reliable, and dependable network partner, working diligently for you, creating value for your business and organization. We strive for your success every day--when you succeed, we succeed!

Huntleigh Technology Group is a proud member of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. We have also been a proud sponsor of the Hyundai Sun Bowl for more than a decade.