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At Huntleigh Technology Group we know how important it is for you to have trustworthy communications, a secure Internet connection, and a reliable data network provider. This is why we carefully tailor each solution to fit your organizations’s specific needs, guaranteeing greater network connectivity without features you might never use. Our commitment is to solve your communication network problems by working together and providing you with the right solution without extra costs. We highly value our customers and give personalized customer service without the “fine print” pitfalls that come with big companies. Being locally owned and operated allows us to provide our customers with quick, reliable, and friendly tech support. Together we can work to achieve your business goals, and help your business become efficient and cost-effective.


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Emerson Network Power Partnership

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Emerson is one of today’s largest leaders in technology manufacturing with over 900 affiliates working at various levels within their leadership empire. Huntleigh Technology Group operates under Emerson Network Power as a contracted partner. This means that we are able to provide our customers with a large network of optimum-level backing with the proliferation of IT technology.

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Huntleigh's data center is awesome! We host our critical servers at Huntleigh’s data center because with Huntleigh we know that we can rely on secure data transfer and a large bandwidth pipe. The technicians at Huntleigh are top notch and very friendly. Thank you HTG!

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